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The GuardiansThe League of Nations and the Crisis of Empire$

Susan Pedersen

Print publication date: 2015

Print ISBN-13: 9780199570485

Published to British Academy Scholarship Online: June 2015

DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199570485.001.0001

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(p.410) Appendix II Principal Administrators of the Mandated Territories and Appearances before the PMC

(p.410) Appendix II Principal Administrators of the Mandated Territories and Appearances before the PMC

The Guardians
Oxford University Press

This list excludes most administrators who served during the Second World War or for less than a year. Those marked with an asterisk (*) appeared as ‘accredited representative’ before the Permanent Mandates Commission at the session noted.

‘A’ Mandates (Brought into Effect on 29 September 1923 in Syria and Palestine, and on 27 September 1924 in Iraq)

French High Commissioners in Syria and Lebanon

Henri Gouraud, 1919–23

Maxime Weygand, 1923–24

Maurice Sarrail, 1924–25

*Henry de Jouvenel, 1925–26 (9th session, June 1926)

*Henri Ponsot, 1926–33 (18th session, June–July 1930; 22nd session, November–December 1932)

Damien de Martel, 1933–39

Gabriel Puaux, 1939–40

British High Commissioners in Palestine

*Sir Herbert Samuel, 1920–25 (5th session, October–November 1924)

Herbert Plumer, 1st Viscount Plumer, 1925–28

*Sir John Chancellor, 1928–31 (15th session, July 1929)

*Sir Arthur Wauchope, 1931–38 (22nd session, November–December 1932)

Sir Harold MacMichael, 1938–44

British High Commissioners in Iraq

Sir Percy Cox, 1920–23

*Sir Henry Dobbs, 1923–28 (10th session, November 1926)

Sir Gilbert Clayton, 1928–29

*Sir Francis Humphrys, 1929–32 (20th session, June 1931; 21st session, October–November 1931)

(p.411) ‘B’ Mandates (Brought into Effect on 20 July 1922)

Commissioners of the French Republic for Cameroon

Lucien Fourneau, 1916–19 (military occupation)

Jules Carde, 1919–23 (military occupation, then mandate)

*Théodore Marchand, 1923–32 (15th session, July 1929; 21st session, October–November 1931; 22nd session, November–December 1932)

Paul Bonnecarrère, 1932–34

*Jules Repiquet, 1934–36 (30th session, October–November 1936; 37th session, December 1939)

Pierre Boisson, 1937–38

Richard Brunot, 1938–40

Commissioners of the French Republic for Togoland

Gaston Fourn, 1916–17 (military occupation)

Alfred Louis Woelfel, 1917–22 (military occupation)

*Paul Bonnecarrère, 1922–31 (6th session, June–July 1925, 18th session, June–July 1930)

Robert Paul Marie de Guise, 1931–33

Maurice Léon Bourgine, 1934

Léon Guismar, 1935–36

Michel Lucien Montagné, 1936–41

Cameroon under British Mandate

The British-mandated territory of Cameroons was divided into two provinces, Cameroons Province and Northern Cameroons, each of which was further subdivided and, in the case of Northern Cameroons, administratively integrated into adjoining Nigerian provinces. No official held responsibility for administration of the mandated territory alone.

Togo under British Mandate

The British-mandated territory of Togo was divided into two territories, each of which was administratively integrated into the adjoining territories of the Gold Coast. No administrator held responsibility for the mandated territory alone.

British Governors, Tanganyika Territory

Sir H. A. Byatt, 1916–25 (military administrator, then governor)

*Sir Donald Cameron, 1925–31 (11th session, June–July 1927)

*Lieut. Col. G. Stewart Symes, 1931–34 (23rd session, June–July 1933)

*Harold MacMichael, 1934–38 (27th session, June 1935)

Sir M. A. Young, 1938–41

Belgian Royal Commissioners in Ruanda-Urundi; from 1926Governors of Ruanda-Urundi and Deputy Governor Generals,Belgian Congo

Charles Tombeur, 1916 (military governor, Belgian occupation)

J. P. F. M. Malfeyt, 1916–19 (Royal Commissioner, Belgian occupation)

(p.412) *Alfred Marzorati, 1919–29 (occupation, then mandate) (9th session, June 1926; 16th session, November 1929)

Louis Joseph Postiaux, 1929–30

Charles Henri Joseph Voisin, 1930–32

Eugène Jungers, 1932–46

‘C’ Mandates (Brought into Effect on 17 December 1920)

South African Administrators, South West Africa

Sir E. H. L. Gorges, 1915–20 (military administrator)

*Gysbert R. Hofmeyr, 1920–26 (4th session, June–July, 1924)

*A. J. Werth, 1926–33 (14th session, October–November 1928)

*D. G. Conradie, 1933–43 (27th session, June 1935)

Australian Administrators, Mandated New Guinea

Col. William Holmes, 1914–15 (military administrator)

Sir Samuel Augustus Pethebridge, 1915–17 (military administrator)

Brig. Gen. George Jameson Johnston, 1918–20 (military administrator)

Brig. Gen. Thomas Griffiths, 1920–21 (military administrator)

Brig. Gen. E. A. Wisdom, 1921–32

Brig. Gen. Thomas Griffiths, 1932–34

Sir Walter Ramsay McNicoll, 1934–42

New Zealand Administrators in Western Samoa

Lieut. Col. Robert Logan, 1914–19 (military administrator)

Col. Robert Ward Tate, 1919–23 (military then mandate administrator)

*Brig. Gen. Sir George Richardson, 1923–28 (13th and 14th session, June and October–November 1928)

Col. Stephen S. Allen, 1928–31

Brig. Gen. Herbert E. Hart, 1931–35

Alfred Turnbull, 1935–43 (acting), 1943–46

Australian Administrators, Nauru

Mr. G. B. Smith-Rewse, 1914–20 (administrator during occupation)

Brig. Gen. Thomas Griffiths, 1921–27

William Newman, 1927–32

Commander Rupert Garsia, 1932–38

Frederick Royden Chalmers, 1938–42 (Nauru occupied by Japanese, August 1943)

Governors, Nan’yō-chō (Japanese South Seas mandated territory)

Tezuko Toshira, 1922–23

Yokota Gōsuke, 1923–31

*Horiguchi Mitsuda, 1931 (22nd session, November–December 1932)

Tawara Kazuo, 1931–32

Matsuda Masayuki, 1932–33

(p.413) Hayashi Hisao, 1933–36

Kitajima Kenjiro, 1936–40

(p.414) Other High Officials Appearing before the Mandates Commission

Colonial Governors of adjacent colonies administratively tied to mandated territories

Sir A. Ranford Slater, Governor of Gold Coast, 14th session, October–November 1928 (for British-mandated Togo)

Sir Donald Cameron, Governor of Nigeria, 22nd session, November–December 1932 (for British-mandated Cameroon)

Pierre Ryckmans, Governor General of Belgian Congo, 30th session, October–November 1936 (for Ruanda-Urundi)

Government ministers

The Hon. William Ormsby-Gore, 3rd session, July–August 1923; 4th session, June–July 1924; 6th session, June–July 1925; 7th session, October 1925; 10th session, November 1926; 12th session, October–November 1927 (as Colonial Under-Secretary); 32nd session, July–August 1937 (as Colonial Secretary)

Thomas Drummond Shiels, Under-Secretary of State, Colonial Office, 17th session, June 1930, and 20th session, June 1931

Earl of Plymouth, Under-Secretary of State, Colonial Office, 22nd session, November–December 1932

Lord De la Warr, Under-Secretary of State, Colonial Office, 31st session, May–June 1937

Malcolm MacDonald, Colonial Secretary, 36th session, June 1939

Officials from national colonial ministries

Albert Duchêne, Conseilleur d’Etat, Director of Political Affairs, French Colonial Office, present at all discussions of French Togo and Cameroon, 1923–29; later Maurice Besson took over that role 1931–39

Halewyck de Heusch, Director General of Political and Administrative Affairs, Belgian Ministry for the Colonies, present at all discussions of Ruanda and Urundi save first, 1924–39

Robert de Caix, present at every session dealing with Syria, 1924–39