A Century of British Medieval Studies

A Century of British Medieval Studies

Alan Deyermond

Print publication date: 2012

ISBN: 9780197263952

Publisher: British Academy


This book is a guide to the complete range of medieval scholarship undertaken in twentieth-century Britain: history, archaeology, language and culture. Some of the twenty-nine chapters here focus on changes in research method or on the achievements of individual scholars, others are the personal account of a lifetime's work in a discipline. Many outline the ways in which subjects may develop in the twenty-first century. The book sets British scholarship in its international context and contains useful bibliographies.

Table of Contents


Alan Deyermond

Anglo-Saxon England

Loyn Henry

European History

Janet L. Nelson

Ecclesiastical History

Mayr-Harting Henry

Economic History

Christopher Dyer

Legal History

Paul Brand

Celtic Studies

John T. Koch

Old Norse-Icelandic Studies

Heather O’Donoghue

Slavonic Studies

W. F. Ryan


R. H. Robins


Richard Sharpe, and Alan Deyermond

Old English

Michael Lapidge

German Studies

John L. Flood

Romance Studies 3: Dante

Alan Deyermond


Philip Grierson


P. D. A. Harvey

Medieval Thought

David Luscombe


David Fallows

The Study of Medieval Art 2: 1950–2000

Jonathan J. G. Alexander


Martin J. Duffell

The History of the Book

Richard Gameson


Alan Deyermond