Anglo-Saxon/Irish Relations before the Vikings

Anglo-Saxon/Irish Relations before the Vikings

James Graham-Campbell and Michael Ryan

Print publication date: 2012

ISBN: 9780197264508

Publisher: British Academy


Although there has been much recent interest in the interaction of England and Ireland in the Viking Age, the links between the Anglo-Saxons and the Irish in the period before 800 have been much less studied. This book provides an interdisciplinary assessment of these connections. The chapters range widely in their scope. Seven chapters look at issues of language and literature, legal traditions, and ecclesiastical history; a further ten consider the evidence of material culture, through art history and archaeology. This overview of the field of Anglo-Saxon/Irish relations will be of use to people interested in early medieval studies.

Table of Contents

Part I History, Law, Language and Literature

Part II Art History and Material Culture

Part III Addendum

End Matter