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On Muḥammad V, Ibn al-Khaṭīb and Sufism

On Muḥammad V, Ibn al-Khaṭīb and Sufism

(p.152) (p.153) 8 On Muḥammad V, Ibn al-Khaṭīb and Sufism
The Articulation of Power in Medieval Iberia and the Maghrib
Cynthia RobinsonAmalia Zomeño
British Academy

This chapter is centred around a rereading of a much-studied narrative of the mawlid celebration held at the Naṣrid court in 764/1362 and preserved in Ibn al-Khaṭīb's Nufāḍat al-jirāb fī ʿulālat al-ightirāb. It seeks, first, to rehabilitate the extensive body of verse declaimed at the mawlid as a valid source of information concerning the Naṣrid dynasty's attitude toward Sufism, particularly as regards its ongoing renewed project of dynastic legitimisation, and, second, to begin the task of interpreting both compositions and celebration against the complex backdrop of Naṣrid religiosity.

Keywords:   Granada – fourteenth century, Naṣrid Dynasty, Arabic Poetry, Sufism, Lisān al-Dīn Ibn al-Khaṭīb, Muḥammad V – Naṣrid amīr, Alhambra

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