British Academy Lectures 2013-14

British Academy Lectures 2013-14

Janet Carsten and Simon Frith

Print publication date: 2016

ISBN: 9780197265864

Publisher: British Academy


The content derives from the British Academy’s public lecture programme which presents specialist research in an accessible manner. The papers range in subject matter over music, psychology, history, economics and linguistics, demonstrating the depth and breadth of scholarship in the humanities and social sciences that the British Academy champions.

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Between art and science

Aspects of Art Lecture read 20 March 2013 by Nicholas Cook Fellow of the Academy

The appeal of Islamic fundamentalism

British Academy Lecture read 26 February 2013 by Michael Cook Fellow of the Academy


Joint British Academy/British Psychological Society Lecture read 24 September 2013 by Margaret J. Snowling Fellow of the Academy

A heavenly aura

Elsley Zeitlyn Lecture on Chinese Archaeology and Culture read 22 October 2013 by Julia K. Murray

Education and opportunity

Sir John Cass’s Foundation Lecture read 18 March 2014 Lindsay Paterson Fellow of the Academy

Charlemagne and Europe

Raleigh Lecture on History read 12 November 2013 Jinty Nelson Fellow of the Academy

Getting a word in

Sir Israel Gollancz Memorial Lecture read 26 November 2013 Richard Dance

What are prime ministers for?

Lecture in Politics and Government1 read 13 October 2014 Peter Hennessy Fellow of the Academy

What if? Models, fact and fiction in economics

Keynes Lecture in Economics read 16 October 2013 Mary S. Morgan Fellow of the Academy

Central banks

Keynes Lecture in Economics1 read 18 September 2014 Willem H. Buiter Fellow of the Academy