Levantine Epigraphy and History in the Achaemenid Period (539-322 BCE)

Levantine Epigraphy and History in the Achaemenid Period (539-322 BCE)

André Lemaire

Print publication date: 2016

ISBN: 9780197265895

Publisher: British Academy


Since 1980, epigraphic discoveries and researches have thrown new light on the Levant during the Achaemenid period (533-332 BCE). As an epigrapher who published many new Phoenician, Aramaic and Hebrew inscriptions André Lemaire shows how these inscriptions illuminate the history and daily life of the Persian period Phoenicians, Israelites and Idumeans. Thanks to them, it is now possible to know more precisely the history of the four Phoenician kingdoms (Aradus, Byblos, Sidon and Tyre) and of the Cisjordan provinces (Samaria, Judaea and Idumaea) as well as the way of life of Judean groups in the Diaspora (Babylonia, Egypt, Cyprus); they also provide new light on several aspects of the Biblical literary tradition. Profusely illustrated, the book shows how important these various inscriptions are for Biblical Studies and historical researches on the Levant during a period still too often qualified as ‘obscure’ but more and more illuminated now by contemporary documents