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British Academy Scholarship Online now live on UPSO!

April 10, 2014

The British Academy for the humanities and social sciences was established by Royal Charter in 1902. Its purpose is to inspire, recognise and support excellence and high achievement in the humanities and social sciences, throughout the UK and internationally, and to champion their role and value. With an international reputation for its support of excellence in academic scholarship, the British Academy produces academic publications that are designed to stimulate curiosity, inspire and develop future generations of scholars, and encourage appreciation of the social and cultural value of these disciplines,

British Academy Scholarship Online (BASO) is an online collection of academic monographs and essay collections from the distinguished British Academy list, and launches with 145 titles in 15 subject areas: Anthropology, History, Music, Religion, Archaelogy, Law, Philosophy, Society and Culture, Classical Studies, Linguistics, Political Science, Sociology, Economics and Finance, Literature, Psychology.

To celebrate the launch of British Academy Scholarship Online, we've made chapters from a selection of key works free and available for one month:


Before HIV

John Milton

In Defence of Learning

Social Brain, Distributed Mind

Diversity and Change in Modern India








All these titles, and many more, are just a click away. Start browsing British Academy Scholarship Online today, and recommend BASO to your librarian.